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Cincinnati, OH – One of the world’s leading logistics companies continues progress on the latest $108 million expansion which will provide ramp space to park 16 wide-body aircraft, in addition to other upgrades and productivity enhancements.

Highland Tank built (1) HTC-2,000 gallon and (2) HTC-60,000 gallon Oil/Water Separators as part of a storm water upgrade project for a major Ohio international airport. The expansion of the airport’s taxiways and parking areas made it necessary to update the stormwater drainage system to accommodate increased flow rates. The engineer specified Highland Tank’s oil/water separator system to satisfy the EPA regulations.

Airport facilities that engage in regulated industrial activities must treat stormwater runoff before discharging. The airport’s deicing and fueling facilities are typically identified as industrial activities subject to the EPA regulations.

The engineers selected the Highland Tank Model HTC-60,000 gallon and HTC-2,000 gallon Oil / Water Separator designed for the treatment of contaminated stormwater runoff at 0-6,000 gallons per minute (HTC-60,000) and 0-200 gallons per minute (HTC-2,000) discharging with a qualified/certified effluent quality of 10ppm of free oil and grease.

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