Our Company

Disney-McLane & Associates has been in business since 1954 and we define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Want to find out more about our company? Please meet our team below. We look forward to working with you!


Craig Cumberledge

Email: craigc@disney-mclane.com

Craig came to DMA in 1996 after sales and management experience with the Kenway Company. Starting as an Outside Salesman in Louisville, Craig moved to Cincinnati in 2000 with his wife Nancy and their children, Elizabeth and Brad. Craig currently acts as the overall Sales Manager for DMA. He graduated from the University of Kentucky and is an avid Kentucky sports fan.  Craig is a fan all other college sports and enjoys instructing several group cycling classes weekly.  He and his family are active members of Immanuel United Methodist church in Northern Kentucky.

Mike Truitt

Email: miket@disney-mclane.com

Mike joined DMA in 1997 after managing a successful Cincinnati restaurant chain. Mike and his wife Sandy have four children Austin, Collin, Madison, and Carson. Mike is experienced in all DMA product lines and is a certified operator / tester of backflow prevention devices in Ohio. An avid sports fan, Mike enjoys playing golf, as well as cheering on the local colleges.



 Brett Mullins

Email: brettm@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  Brett has worked with Disney McLane since 2001 starting in the warehouse, then to inside sales and now outside sales covering Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.A. in Marketing in 2005.  Married to his wife Tracy in 2006, he has four children, Kendall, Elle, Foster, & Jackson.  He enjoys sports, the outdoors, and hanging out with family and friends.

Tom Porter

Email: tomp@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Northern Ohio.  Tom has over 30 years experience as a manufacturers representative, with 28 of those years in his own agency.  Tom has many specialty focuses, specification products are one of them. Tom has been married to his wife Debbie for 34 years and has a son John.  Tom enjoys golf, bike riding, animals, and beer.

John Miles

Email: johnm@disney-mclane.com

Fire & Waterworks Specialist.  John has been in the rep business for over 30 years.  He recently joined the DM sales team with responsibility of covering the Fire Protection and Waterworks customers in KY, IN and OH.  John has won numerous sales awards and has many years of experience in the backflow business with Ames.  He resides in Louisville,  KY with his wife Tracy and two cats.  He enjoys music,  playing the guitar and always ready for a round of golf.

Patrick Thompson

Email: Patrickt@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Western KY.  Patrick started with Disney-McLane in the summer of 2015 and is now our outside salesman for the state of Kentucky.  He is a graduate of University of Indiana Southeast with a Bachelors in Marketing degree.  He has many years’ experience in the plumbing & construction industries, including previous experience with a rep firm.  Pat is married and enjoys time with friends, family, and the outdoors.

Jake Kennard

Email: jakek@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Eastern KY.  Jake started with Disney-McLane in February 2015.  He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.A. in Economics.  He previously worked for the SEC Digital Network and is an avid sports fan.

Rick Bayne

Email: rickb@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Central & Northern Indiana.  Rick has 25 years experience in commercial mechanical sales with both wholesalers and reps. Born and raised in Santa Barbara CA, he has spent time overseas and is married with three daughters and three grandchildren. Rick enjoys exceeding customer expectations, restoring old homes and barns, and working at the family farm east of Indy.

Kevin Spearing

Email: kevins@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Southern Indiana.  Kevin has been in and around plumbing for 35+ years and has a degree in Education from Purdue University.  Kevin worked as Plumbing Quotations and Job Coordinator for 11 years.  For the past 16 years, he owned and operated his family plumbing business (est 1911).  Kevin then joined Disney-McLane in April of 2011.   Kevin is married and has three daughters. He enjoys traveling….currently enjoys working hard to pay for kid’s college! Two attend Ball State, and another recently enlisted in the United States Army.

Stewart Mackey

Email: stewartm@disney-mclane.com

Water Quality Specialist. Stewart recently joined DMA in 2017 with responsibility providing sales support of water quality systems for both residential and commercial applications. He has years of experience in the rep industry. He is highly motivated and enjoys building relationships and solving problems.  In his free time he enjoys college sports, horse racing, and golf.

Todd Schneider

Email: todds@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Cincinnati and Toledo.  Todd has been in the plumbing industry since 1999 and obtained his State of Ohio Master Plumbing License in 2014.  He began working at DMA in February 2016.  He is married to his beautiful wife Alissa, and has two children Tyler and Isabella.  

Ryan Keller

Email: ryank@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Cincinnati & WV.  Ryan came to Disney-McLane in 2018 with an extensive history in the plumbing field.  He specializes in DeWalt power tools.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ryan covers all of DMA’s territories.  In his free time, he goes drag racing.  

Chad Appelt

Email: chada@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Western PA.  Chad started with Disney-McLane in 2021 and has an extensive plumbing industry experience as well as a long history of sales representation.  

Reed Bradfield

Email: reedb@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Columbus, OH.  Reed started with Disney-McLane the summer of 2021.  He is a recent graduate of Capital University and in his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing basketball.  

Kim Metzger

Email: kimm@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Cleveland, OH.  Kim started with DMA in 2010 as an outside sales person for our northern Ohio market and has an extensive history in the plumbing industry with contractors, wholesalers, and manufacturers.  

Randy Patton

Email: randyp@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Cleveland, OH.  Randy came to DMA with extensive experience in the plumbing industry.  in addition to outside sales, Randy also spearheads our backflow certification and re-certification classes.

Rick Leasure

Email: rickl@disney-mclane.com

Outside Sales Cleveland, OH.  Rick started with Disney-McLane autumn 2021.  He is a graduate of Lake Erie College and has an extensive history in the construction industry.  


Jim Huesman

Email: jimh@disney-mclane.com

General Manager.  Jim started with Disney-McLane in 2003 by working part time in our warehouse while attending the University of Cincinnati. Upon gradation, he was promoted to sales. Jim manages our inside sales team, marketing campaigns, and our commercial quotations department.  Jim is married with 4 children.  In his spare time he enjoys playing baseball.

David Harbison

Email: davidh@disney-mclane.com

Hydronic & Pump Specialist. David has recently joined DMA in 2014 providing application and sales support of pump and hydronic systems.  He has over 35 years of industry experience and an Economics degree from Bellarmine University.  Starting as a contractor, the last 20+ years have been in design, application and sales of pump (HVAC, Plbg, Fire) and hydronic systems.  David and his wife Sondra lives in Louisville KY.  He enjoys spending time with family, friends, travel and fishing.

Scott Lammers

Email: scottl@disney-mclane.com

Inside Sales.  Scott joined Disney-McLane in 2014.  He has 35 years of experience in the Plumbing Wholesale market.  From Cincinnati, he graduated Elder High School in 1978.  Scott has 2 sons, and he enjoys rooting for Cincinnati sports teams and remodeling homes.

Alex Curtis

Email: alexc@disney-mclane.com

Inside Sales.  Alex started working with DMA in February 2017 and has previously worked in the plumbing industry with various wholesalers.  Alex attended Western Kentucky University and majored in Mechanical Engineering.  In his spare time enjoys golf and hiking.

Mike Cline

Email:  mikec@disney-mclane.com

Water Quality Specialist.  Mike started with Disney-McLane in 2017 and brings with him 30 years experience in the water treatment industry.  He enjoys the outdoors – hunting, fishing, four wheeling, as well as antiquing and spending time with his family.  Go Browns, in good times & bad!  Go Buckeyes!

Melissa Boulay

Email:  melissab@disney-mclane.com

Inside Sales.  Melissa started with Disney-McLane in 2019 with a history of customer service support and inside sales.  Originally from Southwest KY, she now calls Northern KY home.  Melissa has two children and loves football and dogs.  Her spare time is spent with her boys, family, and friends.

Danielle Rankin

Email: danieller@disney-mclane.com

Inside Sales.  Danielle started with DMA in 2021 and has a history of customer service and sales.  She was born and raised on the westside of Cincinnati.  She’s a mother of one son and enjoys her time riding in the mountains and watching drag racing with family & friends.  

James Kinman

Email:  jamesk@disney-mclane.com

Inside Sales.  James started with Disney-McLane in 2020 as our warehouse manager for our Cincinnati office.  In 2021 he was promoted to inside sales.  




 Robin Cox

Email: robinc@disney-mclane.com

Administrative Assistant.  Robin comes to us from the US Flow (Mutual) Corporation. Robin worked in the Cincinnati office for 10 years. Robin is very versatile and energetic and brings these qualities to the DMA team. Since joining us late in 2003, Robin has consistently impressed our customers with her energy and proactive attitude. Robin is married to Mike Cox. Robin enjoys watching football and basketball. She also enjoys spending time with her niece, nephew and stepdaughter.

Kenny Grigsby

Email:  kennyg@disney-mclane.com

Warehouse Manager – Cleveland.  Kenny started with Disney-McLane in 2021 as our warehouse manager for our Cleveland office.

John Boehne

Email: johnb@disney-mclane.com

Warehouse Manger- Cincinnati.  John started with Disney-McLane in 2018 and has a long history in the Cincinnati wholesale market.  He works part-time and assist’s Chris with shipping & receiving.