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Columbus, OH – Meet the Powers Intellistation:  The Intelligent Way to control water temperature.  The IntelliStation is the smart way to deliver mixed water throughout a hot water recirculation loop. The digital water mixing and recirculation solution can be integrated in a building automation system (BAS) to allow facilities managers to remotely monitor and control water temperatures.

Why IntelliStation?

  • Digital temperature regulation within +/-2°F to ASSE 1017, even during low and zero
    demand periods.
  • At the foundation of a safe and efficient tempered water recirculation loop
  • Field configurable without the need for a laptop or special software


By intelligently controlling and monitoring the water recirculation loop, the IntelliStation:

  • Promotes safety by helping to maintain the safe and appropriate water
    temperature you select for your facility
  • Supports energy conservation through more efficient water temperature
    management—and in turn reduces energy costs
  • Integrates with building automation systems to support integrated building
  • Supports consistent delivery of hot water on demand wherever and whenever
    it is needed, in accordance with building codes

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