DMA Traveling Roadshow

Introducing the DMA Training Wheels – We’ll be traveling around the great states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Western PA, and West Virginia this year sharing our new ride with folks in need of plumbing training.
Too busy to send your staff out of town for product training? Let DMA come to you! Contact us today to schedule a training date at your facility!

DMA Training Wheels 2024 Tour:

January 3rd:  Triple J Plumbing – New Castle, IN

January 4th:  Centerville Winnelson – Centerville, OH

January 10th:  Core & Main – Columbus, OH

January 25th:  ASPE Southern Indiana Convention – Evansville, IN

January 31st:  Neyer Plumbing – Cincinnati, OH

March 5th:  State of Ohio Plumbing Inspectors – Columbus, OH

March 26th:  Etna Supply – Toledo, OH

April 16th:  Ferguson – Dayton, OH

April 17th:  Westwater Supply – Columbus, OH

April 24th:  Neyer Plumbing – Cincinnati, OH

June 6th:  Winsupply – Centerville, OH

September 13th:  Knapp Supply – Muncie, IN


Keep an eye out, more destinations are coming soon!



Past Tours

DMA Training Wheels 2023 Tour:

February 1st:  CMPA – Cincinnati, OH

February 6th:  CMPA – Cincinnati, OH

March 23rd:  Ferguson – Evansville, IN

March 28th:  Ferguson – Indianapolis, IN

March 30th:  Ferguson – Ft. Wayne, IN

April 6th:  Ferguson – Columbus, OH

April 7th:  Ferguson – Hilliard, OH

April 11th:  Ferguson – Florence, KY

April 12th:  Ferguson – Dayton, OH

April 13th:  Ferguson – Cincinnati, OH

April 19th:  Indiana Rural Water – Hartford City, IN

April 20th:  Indiana Rural Water – Jeffersonville, IN

April 27th:  Ferguson – Cleveland, OH

May 3rd:  Cincinnati Public Schools Facility – Cincinnati, OH

May 5th:  Nixco Plumbing – Cincinnati, OH

May 18th:  Wilder Winnelson – Wilder, KY

May 25th:  South Midway Supply – Somerset, KY

June 2nd:  Nixco Plumbing – Cincinnati, OH

June 13th:  Toyota – Georgetown, KY

June 16th:  Sydney Windustrial – Sydney, OH

June 19th:  State of Kentucky Backflow Cert Classes – Louisville, KY

June 21st:  Northern Kentucky Builders Association – Latonia, KY

July 14th:  Nixco Plumbing – Cincinnati, OH

August 18th:  Maumee Supply – Toledo, OH

August 24th:  Pickrel Brothers – Dayton, OH

September 14th:  Worly Plumbing Supply – Cincinnati, OH

November 2nd:  Cincinnati Master Plumbers Association – Cincinnati, OH

November 21st:  Cincinnati Master Plumbers Association – Cincinnati, OH


DMA Training Wheels 2022 Tour:

April 12th:  Plumbers Supply Expo – Louisville, KY

May 18th:  Owensboro Winsupply – Owensboro, KY

May 19th:  Plumbers Supply – Evansville, IN

May 25th:  KY Rural Water Association – Elizabethtown, KY

June 2nd:  Shambaugh & Son – Ft. Wayne, IN

June 23rd:  Famous Supply – Bedford, OH

June 28th:  Edelman Plumbing – Cleveland, OH

June 29th:  Ferguson Enterprises – Cleveland, OH

June 30th:  Active Plumbing – Cleveland, OH

June 30th:  Made in the USA Cookout – Cleveland, OH

July 6th:  Plumbers Supply – Lexington, KY

July 11th & 12th:  Ferguson Enterprises – Cincinnati, OH

July 20th:  Hajoca Corp – Toledo, OH

July 21st:  Eastway Supplies – Columbus, OH

August 11th:  Ferguson Water & Fire – West Chester, OH

August 17th:  Maumee Supply – Maumee, OH

August 25th:  Elkhart Supply – Elkhart, IN

September 7th:  Ferguson Enterprises – Dayton, OH

September 8th:  Worly Plumbing Supply – Columbus, OH

September 12th – 15th:  Ferguson Enterprises – Toledo, OH

September 19th – 23rd:  Cincinnati PHCC Show – Cincinnati, OH

September 29th:  Worly Plumbing Supply – Cincinnati, OH

October 10th – 14th:  ASPE Event – Cleveland, OH

October 18th:  Ohio Rural Water Expo – Wilmington, OH

October 27th:  Lee Supply – Middletown, OH